Healthy Kidney 10K + Mother’s Day

Friday night was spent doing laundry and catching up on bad TV, since Saturday morning was a race day. I had set my alarm for 7:30am on Saturday (not sure why that early, since the race didn’t start until 9:30) and woke up on my own at 6:30! I hate when I do that on the weekends! I put on my gear, grabbed a banana and coffee and made my way to the race with my trusty cheerleaders (the hubby + Cooper).  Of course it started to pour – and to make matters worse – I remembered that I never registered for this race. Luckily, I was able to sign-up upon arrival. The course was one solid lap in Central Park. I ran a 7:18 – 7:38 pace for the first 4 miles – then slowed to a 7:42 pace and finished with a time of 47:38. Wasn’t my best, but I happy with it considering I had no goals going into it and it was beyond humid – people were dropping like flies! Matt and I ran errands the rest of the day – got caught in another downpour, so we popped into Starbucks during happy hour and got this fantastic beverage for 1/2 price!

photo (51)For Mother’s Day we took a trip update with my in-laws to Innisfree Garden for a picnic lunch and to escape the city for a day. It was beautiful (so lush!) – even though it ended up clouding up and being significantly colder than what we had planned for.

photo (53)Cooper loved it! Such a happy dog!

photo (54)Look at this cute little stream we found! Had to capture the moment.

photo (56)After a long day of becoming one with nature – we went to a fantastic restaurant, Charlotte’s, that really hit the spot. Take a look at my gnocchi with shrimp in a ricotta roasted red pepper sauce. Fantastic!

photo (55)This evening I’m going to tackle a 10 mile run in preparation for the BK Half Marathon on Saturday. I’m not sure what my goal is yet… but I’ll put some thought into it during my run this evening. I’m going to leave you with this:photo (57)

Happy Tuesday!

Oh Bachelorette Parties…

I spent the weekend in Nashville for one of my best friend’s bachelorette party! This is only my second (the first was my own) and it was equally as out-of-control as I remember. It was a quick trip – Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, but well worth it. This brightened my day on the bumpy flight:

photo (43)Night one of going out. I am front row all the way to the left (black outfit + bun).

photo (44)I’m glad my two best friends are early risers, like myself. We woke up bright and early on Saturday and made our way to Pucketts Grocery. What a cute little country place to grab some breakfast! I had an omelette with goat cheese and spinach – of course with a biscuit on the side – when in Rome.

photo (45)The bachelorette desperately wanted a Bloody Mary, but had to settle for a beer since they wouldn’t serve her liquor until after 10am. Yes, that means she had her first drink of the day before 9am. What a rock star!

photo (46)After the group of girls got ready in cowgirl/’merica themed gear, we headed out to lunch at Rippys Bar and Grill. I got the ribs, corn cakes and seasoned curly fries. Let me tell you – D E L I C I O U S.

photo (47)

Then came the bar crawl…

photo (48)

And again….

photo (49)

After an all too exciting day/night, we made to the hotel to get a couple hours of shut-eye before our trips home. I shared a cab to the airport with another girl who was flying back to Chicago. We went straight to the bar and order chicken fingers, fries and ranch dressing. Needless to say, I need to detox this week.

photo (50)I ran after work yesterday  (for only about 25 minutes), mainly just to move a bit before dinner. I also woke up this morning (4:52am) and put in 4 miles, purchased a Mother’s Day card, and renewed my passport all before 7am. This evening I’m headed to celebrate a friend’s birthday Beauty and Essex right after work. Whew. I need a nap.

2013 New York City Marathon – I’M IN!

I have been a very bad blogger as of late. Work is getting in the way! So, forgive me for my photo dump and vague explanations.  I found out some supper exciting news yesterday – I have officially been accepted into the NYC Marathon this year! I have dedicated many weekends to racing with New York Road Runners this past year and it has finally paid off. I cannot wait to begin training! I’m aiming for a time around 3:30…. doable, but I will definitely have to prepare – no more of this half-ass training.

nyrrLast week I had drinks and dinner with a friend who just got a promotion – so we started the night off fancy. Center Bar in the Time Warner Building is a great place to grab a cocktail (at $20 a pop). We only had one, but enjoyed the scene. It also happened to be the night of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People event. The red carpets were out!

photo (41)After we had an elegant cocktail (dirty martini for me and French 75 for my friend) we went to a restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen – Room Service. MUCH better than I had expected and very reasonably priced! I would def go back. Below is a picture of an appetizer we ordered – Golden Triangles – crispy seasoned chicken, shrimp and water chestnuts in wonton skin served with plum sake dipping sauce.

photo (42)Friday after work, Matt and I took Cooper for a walk through Central Park and I decided to snap this pic – I love a beautiful spring day – really puts me in a good mood. The florescent lighting only does so much for me at the office.

photo (40)Saturday morning began the way it usually does – with a trip to the The Flamer. I opted for an egg white Mexican omelette with no home fries – a side salad instead. I’m trying desperately to make healthier choices…. I need to fit into a bridesmaid dress in 4 weeks. Eeek!

photo (39)After a 6-mile run on Saturday, I had an appointment to get my hair cut. A couple years ago, I just so happened to stumble upon Feliciano – who is also from St. Louis. I LOVE him. He works wonders with my hair. Of course I can’t get a a blow-out with out having somewhere to go that evening – hence: date night @ Jeffrey’s Grocery.

photo (37)photo (36)Poor quality pictures – but the food was to die for. I stated with oysters, then we shared some nachos and I had the special – which was a soft shell crab roll. Mmmm! After we tried to get into a ‘club’ (in a loose sense of the word) to see Q-Tip DJ – but that didn’t work out….

photo (34)Since the weather was GORGEOUS and my legs needed to see some sun before all my spring dresses make their way back from storage – we picnicked in Central Park on Sunday. Of course it’s not a picnic without our furry friend, Cooper.

photo (33)Leaving the park – we walked by this dumpster area by Tavern on the Green. Really makes me happy seeing things like this.

I have a Clean Water Benefit for the Voss Foundation tomorrow evening and I leave Friday for a bachelorette party in Nashville – yeeehaaw!

JCPenney – who knew?

Did this weekend fly by or what? Here’s a quick re-cap.

Friday night was Hummus Place date night:

photo (27)We ordered the falafel, Hummus Place platter and the health salad. Of course we needed an extra pita order. Oh – and I had wine and Matt had beer. $5 for a glass of red – I would have been stupid to pass that up! Saturday ended up being a day heavy on the errands. We took Cooper to get a yearly shot, dropped him off at home,  went to the flamer to devour (our neighborhood diner) and then made our way to JCPenney. Can I just tell you I was blown away? We NEVER shop there and I heard about some new designers they were bringing in (think of what Target does), so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look around. A couple of items I purchased:


This shirt is by Nicole Miller with beading detail around the neckline and is super soft. Will pair great with white pants for work.

shirt 2I didn’t purchase this exact shirt – mine is 3/4 length sleeves that buttons up – but the pattern in similar. You can find this here.


Finally, I purchased this adorable Nike running skirt. Love it! All three items for $68 – that’s right $68! Would have been more, but I had a 20% off coupon 🙂 I’m going to put JCP on my radar from now on – they also carry Cosabella – AMAZING! Check it out! Saturday evening was spent at the movies. We saw The Place Beyond the Pines. It wasn’t what I was expecting – depressing, dark, etc. That being said, my husband liked it, but not my cup of tea. And, finally, my Sunday morning run:

photo (28)

I decided to leave the apartment when Matt left for the airport (@10:30) and go on an ‘adventure’ run. This means I bring my cell phone instead of just clipping on my Ipod shuffle and I run at a relaxed pace with no goals in mind. I guess my only ‘goal’ was to run across the Brooklyn Bridge. I took the West Side Highway down to Chambers Street to cut across town to the bridge. It was beautiful, sunny day – a little chilly – but I’ll take what I can get these days! The bridge itself was CROWDED. I snapped a few pics and headed back. I saw this when crossing to the highway:

photo (29)100’s of motorcycle riders  being escorted by the NYPD. I wonder what was going on? All in all – my adventure run ended up being 12 miles.

Then, BAM, I wake up and it’s Monday morning – ugh! Hope everyone had a great/fulfilling weekend.

Who’s Ready for the Weekend? This girl.

Yesterday morning I woke up to my usual 4:52am alarm – but the only difference is that I didn’t reset it to 6:00am (like I have been doing more times than I would like to admit lately). I actually got my ass out of bed, put on running gear, laced up my sneakers and went out for a jog. I really enjoy running in the morning. It’s still dark – so I only run the small loop in Central Park (twice), since that part is well-lit. My Garmin tells me it’s approximately 4 miles total. Perfect distance to get my body moving in the morning. BUT – the main reason I love to get up and run is that I feel better the rest of the day. It’s true. I am more alert and productive in the morning, I do not sit at work all day wonder if I’ll make it to the gym that evening. All in all, it may suck when the alarm goes off, but I have never regretted a morning workout.

Dinner last night:

photo (26)

Steak marinated in chimichurri, sauteed spinach with garlic and olive oil and hash browns made with 3 wedges of Laughing Cow Light Queso Fresco & Chipotle cheese. Delish. I need to work on my presentation of the food for the visual appeal purpose of this blog.

This evening for date night will be spent at the Hummus Place. I purchased a Living Social deal a while ago when Matt and I were vegan for a month and we never used it. Needless to say, it expires tomorrow, so we’re using it tonight. I’m debating whether or not I should participate in the Stride for the Cure 5k race this weekend? It’s in Jersey and I hate 5k’s (too short for my liking), but, it’s for a good cause and could be a really fun day with Matt and some friends. I told myself I would check the weather out and if it’s supposed to be nice I would suck it up and run.

Hope everyone has a great Friday – aiming to post this Sunday!